About Senia Melchizedek

Senia Melchizedek is a coach and an awakened esoteric teacher at Lotusjoy Esoteric School for Consciousness and Self-realization. He is also initiated as Paco by Qero Don Alejandro Apaza Machaccha in the sacred places and mountains of the Andes in Peru. Senia is his personal pupil for over 10 years.

The name Senia is the name of his higher self (the I Am Presence) and is from the highest level of the Melchizedek order. His birth name given by his family is rodolfo marasci, but in the spiritual hierarchy he is known as Senia Melchizedek.

Over a time span of 30 years Senia was in training with many different spiritual and enlightened/awakened masters & teachers across the globe, such as: students of the Nagual; Carlos Castenada; Quero Shamans; Toltec artists; Indian Guru’s; Maha Avatars; and many others. In total, Senia has learned from over 65 spiritual teachers who all carry their own valuable knowledge and unique energy signature.

During this time he became aware of his role as one of the Melchizedeks who are here on Earth, in this time of evolution, to assist in spiritual en personal growth, consciousness and self-realization.

From this spiritual foundation Senia then began to further obtain knowledge from other ancient and sacred spiritual systems. He travelled around the globe to visit and learn from teachers, enlightened and awakened masters in Peru, Bolivia,  India, Tibet and several other key locations. As a result, Senia became initiated into a broad spectrum of spiritual traditions and thus he is able to combine and integrate important teachings from these many branches into his work.

Senia is the founder of various spiritual and personal development and awareness systems and he always focuses on those who want to be trained at a higher level and who also dare to go out of their comfort zone. These workshops range from Toltec, paranormal, direct hypnosis to esoteric energy systems and esoteric ascension seminars.

He looks forward to working together and to assist you with your spiritual en personal growth.

“One consciousness is our birthright, it is our natural state of being. It is not something supernatural or something very special. We have come to view this state of consciousness as something magical because we are so far removed from ourselves and our nature. Mind and suffering have taken over our entire lives and we accept all thoughts for truth; we have become entangled in our thoughts and do no longer see the lies and the illusion of our thoughts. We make ourselves the victim of our own ghost stories and we start to suffer; we fall into a state of consciousness that is called the I consciousness”

Senia Melchizedek