Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Class

Are you on the Path of Awakening & Ascension and do you feel

a passion or need to reach the highest state of Dimensional being ?

And are you ready to:

Take complete responsibility over your life?

Be free from judging yourself and others?

Love yourself and others unconditionally.

Stand in your own Power?

If your answers are yes, then here is the training for you!


The Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Class

In this beautiful and powerful training you will be prepared for the highest state of being as it is connected with the Divine Father/Mother/God/Source. You learn to work with the Galactic Masters, the Ascended Masters of the Great White Brotherhood, Archangels and many other Beings of the Source who assist us in these crucial Aquarius times of Ascension and Transformation.

Many Masters of India say that Enlightenment/Awakening can only be given and received from a higher source. In other words, you cannot obtain it yourself from a state of ego.

To assist you in your Awakening, this training offers several very important activations. These will be given with the help of the Ascended Masters, Archangels and other High Beings, who will make sure that your light frequency potential will become fully reinstalled.

It is after all, your birth right to experience and remember your full potential of as an Enlightened One.

* You will learn how to work with energy, how to give healings and how you can protect yourself against negative energies or entities. You will receive esoteric knowledge, you learn how to call upon the Ascended Masters, other High beings, how to work with them and much more!

* The Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis training helps you to work with your true essence of being, as most people only use 5% of their true potential, while 95% is dormant / undiscovered. This literally means that all old emotional residue within you, which you have carried with you in several incarnations, will be cleared. As a result, you will connect with the energies of the Source, Father/Mother/God the Divine, so that your system will be filled with the ascension energies of the Mahatma Avatar of Syntheses, also known as the Mahatma ( i.e. Great Soul), and you receive an initiation where the Divine is anchored in your heart and is linked to your consciousness.

* Through this training, your will experience significant evolutionary growth and enhance your Ascension processes. Your personal development will increase exponentially in quantum leaps needed in these times as we are in the Golden Age the Aquarius.

* The Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Class is literally “the icing on the cake” regarding Light/energy work because it includes so much esoteric and little-before-revealed spiritual knowledge, both in theory and in practice! The Avatar of Synthesis takes place through the powerful intention of the Grand Master Teacher Senia Melchizedek, who will also ensure that healing will take place on All Multi-Dimensional levels of Being.

It is important to note that the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis training makes NO use of symbols of any kind, as is the case with many other healing systems. The reason we do not make use of symbols is simple. Symbols are nothing more than a limiting control system which can have a negative effect on your energy bodies. In these times, we do have no need of symbols anymore to be connected to the Divine Source. We can access this DIRECTLY! Many esoteric teachings have known this throughout history already, but it has recently begun to be explained and revealed to those who would like to stand in the true power of their birthright.

Some of the Benefits of the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Class:

Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis transforms several disease patterns (listed below) by allowing them to completely disappear and/or enabling you to handle them in a positive and optimal way.

  • Stress.
  • Fatigue /weakness.
  • ADHD.
  • Autism.
  • Burn out or depression.
  • Fear.
  • Mourning processes.
  • Allergies.
  • Chronological wounds (i.e. wounds of time).
  • …..and much more.

The Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Class training is more then a gift for yourself and is an absolute recommendation for those that want to:

  • Develop their full potential of inner power.
  • Rid themselves from Fear and other self-defeating patterns of Dis-Ease.
  • Learn how to work with the Highest Cosmic frequency energy.
  • Learn how to easily access and facilitate the energies of Unlimited Manifestation Potential.

(You can facilitate after this training every energy that you want, this is because all the senses are activated, we do not have 5 senses, we have 13 in total, you can facilitate all the energies that exist now or come in the future this gives you unlimited possibilities, this is something you do not have with other healing systems like Reiki, Tera Mai Reiki, Reiki Plus, White Time Healing, Quantum Touch, etc.

The Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis also goes far beyond the Shamballa because in the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis training are various spiritual movements interwoven and more than 30 years of esoteric knowledge from Senia Melchizedek personally, this is the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis, a super-powerful Hardcore Energyworker training)

Why Hardcore Energyworker? simple

The question is, are you a Window Shopper?

Someone who looks but does not buy?A taster?

Someone who tries everything butt do not dare to go in to the depth ?

A Warrior? A warrior who only sees the finish line and hase the will and courage to go ?


If you’re a Warrior please read on.

With the training of the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Class you will have the absolute guarantee that you will evolve with the frequencies of the Earth and the time of the NOW because each month you will automatically receive all new energy codes / downloads from the Galactic Centre. Your consciousness will start to work and be healed on all Multi-Dimensional levels. All paranormal abilities (i.e. clear sight, -knowing, -feeling, etc) will develop much at a much increased rate.

Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Class

Teachings and training content:

  • Teaching: your are not your thought, mind, or body.
  • Teaching: about the Ego and your I Am Presence
  • Teaching: about the I Consciousness and the One Consciousness.
  • … and many more teachings.
  • Removal of implants and entities.
  • Clearing and activation of the Chakra’s.
  • Activation of the Anthakaranna (Rainbow bridge).
  • Restore the connection with your I Am presence (Higher Self).
  • Kundalini channel clearing.
  • Meridian activation.
  • Source Locking ( anchoring the Source / Father / mother / God the Divine in your heart and consciousness )
  • Light frequency raise.
  • Power / volume setting (you will learn to enhance or decrease the normal energy flow).
  • Initiation in the Order of Melchizedek.
  • 13 Dimensional activation.
  • Angel power activation (this enhances your connection with the Angels).
  • Manifestation power attunement.
  • Soul light activation.
  • Heart centre enhancement.
  • Liberates the healing energies from within the heart and the higher self).
  • Light body activation ( Mer Ka Ba ).
  • Rainbow heart activation.
  • Sacred geometry activation (in your 12 body systems and organs).
  • Pineal gland activation.
  • 3-rd eye activation.
  • Prana receptor activation.
  • Removal of karmic bonds.
  • What it really means to be a true Master.
  • How we put ourselves out of our strength by confirmations.
  • The power of the spoken word – how to use it.
  • Transform fear patterns and how to remove blockages.
  • Activation of the new Golden-Silver-White-Violet-Flame.
  • The removal of blocking energetic seals.
  • Activation of the Axitonal lines (same as with reconnection healing).
  • DNA clearings and activations.
  • DNA reprogramming.
  • Assemble your personal healing team of light.
  • Practise healing.
  • … And much more.

The Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Class training will be given in 3 full days 

Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Class

The path of true mastery and past all illusions.

Where : De Rijp  ( Netherlands )

When : 18, 19, 20 januari 2019

€ 350, – for tree days ( including lunch )

There is no English translation during this meeting