Aquarius Mahatma Classes

This course is an extremely powerful and extraordinary journey to learn and master the true power of your consciousness, it is a journey of Inner Transformation, Abundance, Leadership, Transcendence, and Cosmic Unity Consciousness.  This journey to God-realization consists out of 4 levels. Each level takes form in 4 weekends which will be given within the timespan of one year so that the lessons can be integrated within daily life. This means that the full course is spread out over 4 years.

‘The Golden Age Teachings – The Aquarius Mahatma Classes’ is an outstanding course in the age of Aquarius. It contains new teachings about this special time we’re living in and how this can affect you. All the previously mentioned aspects will be given attention in this journey so you as well as your life will undergo a massive transformation, which in turn will give you the possibility to actively take part in the shifts that will come with this new era as a Mahatma consciousness facilitator and teacher. Your presence here on earth can positively affect you and your surroundings in the big changes that are on hand in this world. You will be given the chance to develop yourself from a rough stone into a shining universal diamond with unbounded knowledge and insights into your inner strengths. During this four year course Senia Melchizedek will share his knowledge that he attained over a time span of 30 years; the teachings are a unique and perfect mix of esoteric knowledge out of several cultures like the Indian and Toltec (the Toltecs are well known as masters of consciousness). The meditations, energy transfers and teachings are brought together to create a magical course that will bring a lot of opportunities, opportunities that you will experience in your whole being. It is also good to know that a lot of the knowledge we will share with you during this course is scientifically proven in the Quantum physics.
The new age teachings of the Aquarius Golden Age are meant to expand your consciousness and inner self knowledge and to reach the ultimate goal of liberation of inner suffering; to free yourself of entrapments and limitations, or better put into words the limitations of the matrix as we know it. Humanity is so indoctrinated that 95% doesn’t even recognize suffering as suffering, we accept it as normal. We will guide you to take the steps that will help you get out of the matrix that is suffering so you can experience oneness with yourself and the universe, all that is. These are teachings for awakening, a path that leads to God-realization. All the abilities of your own consciousness will be broached and merged with the power of the Source/Father/Mother/God/Divine. Bringing these aspects together combined with the Golden Age teachings and meditations will have the effect that you can develop yourself as an enormously powerful being.

The Golden Age Teachings – Aquarius Mahatma Classes as well as the Mahatma Master Healer Upgrades and the Teacher training are follow-up courses of the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Class. The difference between them is that the Mahatma Master Healer Upgrades has the focus set on energy work. Of course will the development of your ability to work with energy also have an effect on your consciousness, but that is not the intended goal. These shifts in consciousness can be experienced as mayor shifts, but in reality these are still small in comparison. The Golden Age Teachings is based on the Know Thyself principle and has its focus on the transformation of consciousness; the shift from I-consciousness to One-consciousness. The shift consciousness will start in the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Class where a base will be set for the further course and the growth of your multi-dimensional consciousness. For that reason it is required that everybody first attends the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Class before they can take part in The Golden Age Teachings.

During this course you will learn how you can deploy the golden age consciousness with different esoteric meditations and teachings. These meditations bring about inner stillness, insight, balance and strengthen your consciousness and the connection with the Source/Father/Mother/Divine; you’ll make room in your consciousness so you can take more out of life.

These courses are intended for they that truly want to be free from the matrix as we know it, the inner suffering –what the Toltecs recognize as I-consciousness, and want to make the step towards one-consciousness where magic is possible and you can experience full awakening. To make this journey you must be willing to really show commitment to yourself and humanity, be honest with yourself and to observe yourself in truth. Your commitment is all-decisive for your inner growth and the outcome of your personal journey. Of course you will also receive some ‘homework’, meditations etc., that you’ll have to do daily in your own time at home. When you can give your own process this commitment and are willing to do the necessary work you’ll transform your consciousness and reach states of awakening and enlightenment, even God-realization where anything is possible. To reach this ultimate goal you’ll need courage, truth, strength and perseverance.

On this journey to the highest state of being you’ll experience 21 conditions of awakening. During this 4 year course you’ll explore and go through these 21 conditions, a couple at a time in each level.

The 21 conditions of awakening are:

  1. No inner suffering
  2. No past no future
  3. No discontent
  4. No fear
  5. To not feel hurt or insulted
  6. No one controlling you
  7. No conflict
  8. No image/persona
  9. No troublesome thoughts
  10. No judgement
  11. No daydreaming
  12. Seperation from the mind
  13. Feeling empty
  14. Feeling complete
  15. Feeling joy without any cause
  16. Feeling love without conditions
  17. Feeling wonder
  18. Experiencing that everyting goes automatically
  19. Experiencing that everything is perfect
  20. Experiencing inner stillness
  21. Experiencing reality without any ‘stories’


‘The Golden Age Teachings – Aquarius Mahatma Classes’ prepares you for The Golden Age in which you’ll be a pioneer for future teachers in spirituality and awareness. As it were, you are setting the new Universal Blueprint of The Golden Age in which you’ll experience joy/bliss, inner freedom, abundance, transcendence and cosmic one-consciousness. You can bloom yourself into a person that helps humanity onto a higher cosmic plan of being. When you do that people can start to perceive you as a spiritual leader and role model, one that they love to be around. You’ll inspire others to do the same thing and that is exactly what we need in the world right now; more awareness. That is also what happened before with the great teachers of the past, those that we now frequently talk about and look up to like Buddha, St. Germain, Sananda, Quan Yin, Shiva, etc. They all were pioneers and lead the way in their time. They all had a share in the further development and growth of humanity.

Below you can find a short description of The Golden Age Teachings – Aquarius Mahatma Classes.

Level 1:  Mahatma abundance Master 

weekend 1

weekend 2

weekend 3

weekend 4

The first year the main focus will be on exploring your I-consciousness and awakening of the one-consciousness. During this first level you’ll take a journey inwards to get to know yourself better and to be able to really see your inner truth. You will become aware of how you can shift from I-consciousness to one-consciousness and use your manifestation power. You’ll become a master creator of abundance, a Mahatma Abundance Master (Mahatma means great Soul, the Soul of the Source/Father/Mother/God/Divine). The abundance consciousness will awaken in you and you’ll learn how to manifest from a state of joy, love, connection, compassion and being present in the here and now. You’ll manifest synchronicities and prosperity in every way and form you like and experience abundance in all its forms throughout your life.

Nothing is impossible. The impossible will become possible because it will happen out of one-consciousness. During this level you’ll learn very powerful and deep meditations accompanied by strong teachings to see yourself from out a whole different angle. This Mahatma Abundance Master course consists out of 4 separate weekends; each weekend has a duration of 3 days. The exact content of the weekends will not be given in advance so that each and every one can start this course without expectations for the best results and insights in your own I-consciousness. You’ll become the director of your own life and arrange it as you wish, because you are a Mahatma Abundance Master.

When you enter the course you’ll get access to an encrypted page at the Lotusjoy website where you can find meditations that you can use daily for your own process.


Level 2: Mahatma Transformation Leader 

weekend 1

weekend 2

weekend 3

weekend 4

After you took the first course it is possible to take on the next journey to consciousness: Mahatma Transformation Leader. The Mahatma Transformation Leader is someone that is capable to help others transform their inner processes from a deep state of love. You’ll have an effect on your surroundings due to your own inner state and one-consciousness; only your presence or touch can be enough to be transformative. Of course it is up to you to accompany these occurrences with some teachings and guidance as you wish to help others with their inner growth. Your relations will transform and a great inner leadership will start to develop on a Master level.

You’ll have strength and insight in to the Matrix of life, to see through it and even have an influence on it. This year your state of one-consciousness will be lifted to a higher level whereby you’ll be able to tune in on the frequency of love-consciousness. You’ll learn powerful meditations that bring insight in your own inner world so that you can bring transformation out into the world; everything that happens on the inside will have an effect on the outer world and help and support the people in your surroundings. Also this level exists out of 4 separate weekends, each with a duration of 3 days.


Level 3: Mahatma Transcendence Being 

weekend 1

weekend 2

weekend 3

weekend 4 

The third level is confronting as wel as powerful and teaches you to even go further beyond the suffering. You’ll transcend the suffering as it were, rise above it. You’ll learn to look beyond the illusions of separation and reach a higher state of awakening where duality and separation are no longer experienced or exist. It is possible for you to experience a state of consciousness in which you gain access to other realms where in turn you can gain Mystical experience. You are literally starting to step out of the matrix, where you can find inner freedom; you’ll transcend into the mystical state of consciousness. During this course you will be taught several meditations that bring insight in your suffering and how you can rise above it. The experience of one-consciousness will rise immense with this.

Together with your inner Mahatma Source/Father/Mother/Divine we will tap into deep hidden layers of your inner world. Your consciousness is transcending all experiences. Also this level exists out of 4 separate weekends, each with a duration of 3 days.


Level 4: Aquarius Mahatma Master Teacher

weekend 1

weekend 2

weekend 3

weekend 4 

After you took level 1 to 3 you are able to take on level 4: Aquarius Mahatma Master Teacher. Mahatma means great Soul, the Soul of the Source/Father/Mother/God/Divine. When arrived at the fourth level you’ll be present in a very high state of cosmic one-consciousness, connected with all that is, the highest Mahatma consciousness of the Source. You are on a path towards God-realization and your energy frequency has a massive positive impact on your surroundings; problems solve themselves, broken relationships are mending, and so forth. Equipped with a large capacity of esoteric knowledge, living in a higher state of consciousness, submerged in the power of the Source/Father/Mother/God/Divine that supports you 24h a day, you’ll be a role model for the world and humanity. You are an Aquarius Mahatma Master Teacher of the new age, with a wide arsenal of knowledge and tools to help and support people. Everything you’ve learned in the past levels will grow in strength. You know the secret to God-realization, the secret to all possible relations in life and your inner self, and are able to step out of the matrix.

Also during this level you’ll learn several powerful meditations that’ll join you with your inner Source/Father/Mother/God/Divine to lift yourself and your surroundings to a higher level of existence. This level exists out of 4 separate weekends, each with a duration of 3 days.

The exact content of all these weekends will not be given in advance so that each and every one can start these courses without expectations so that we can tap into deeper layers of consciousness and power for the best results.


ATTENTION: Compulsory prior training: Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Class

Without this prior training it is not possible to access this course.


“One consciousness is our birthright; it is our natural state of being. It is not something supernatural or something very special. We have come to view this state of consciousness as something magical because we are so far removed from ourselves and our nature. Mind and suffering have taken over our entire lives and we accept all thoughts for truth; we have become entangled in our thoughts and do no longer see the lies and the illusion of our thoughts. We make ourselves the victim of our own ghost stories and we start to suffer; we fall into a state of consciousness that is called the I-consciousness.

Great changes are about to happen in the world of which we can already perceive the beginnings. Great wars and destructions of the earth have a negative impact on the future of both humanity and Earth. What we need now are new Aquarius Mahatma Teachers to spin these changes around in the right direction for a positive outcome because right now we are set for annihilation if in time nothing changes in the consciousness of men. In the next 25 years we will face great challenges and that’s why these courses are designed so that we can truly make a difference. To make that difference we’ll need to obtain a higher state of consciousness, one-consciousness and even higher than that. We are the one we’re waiting on. We ourselves make the difference in the world.”

Senia Melchizedek




Level 1:  Mahatma Abundance Master

Where: De Rijp (Netherlands)

When: August 31 & September 1, 2

9, 10, 11 November

  1, 2, 3, February 2019

12, 13, 14 April 2019

Price: € 395.00 per weekend / for 3 days (including lunch)

In total there are 4 weekends.

This training is Vol.

See the dates for a new group below



2nd new group

Where: De Rijp (Netherlands)

When: 26, 27, 28 October

4, 5, 6, January 2019

1, 2, 3, March 2019

3, 4, 5, May 2019

Price: € 395.00 per weekend / for 3 days (including lunch)

In total there are 4 weekends.