Ascension Master Class


In this 1 day ‘Ascension Master Class DNA family Super Clearing and Upgrade & Family karma removal’ we will intensively focus on cleaning your family lines in both your DNA / RNA and in your karma line. We are going back 7 generations from both your mother’s and your father’s side. We clean up as many pieces as possible that will help us to bring relief and solve old burdens in the current generation line.

In addition, an intensive family of DNA cleansing will be given where we will heal the necessary DNA pieces that are broken or disrupted.

This intensive healing day will ensure that you no longer have to bear the old burdens of previous generations of your family karma. The extra effect is of course that the next generation will be relieved of the old family burden and a fresh and new start can be made.

In addition, we will have a very intense ancestors healing at the end which is very intens what goes back to 7 generations, if you have pictures of your family members who have passed away like grandfather, great grandmother, etc. bring it along with you, if  you do not have these  pictures then it is sufficient to write down their names and to think of them during this ancestral healing.

This training is given by Senia Melchizedek, who specializes in, among other things, the removal of old karma which is passed on from generation to generation such as: curses, family masks, poverty, deformed cells, etc.


Content and cleanup of the training:

From both the mother and father’s side, 7 generations of each.



Mental abuse

Family masks


Mental and physical survival

Energetic curses

Pass on from generation to generation of malformed seed cells, resulting in deformed children.

Healing the complete DNA structure and strands (broken DNA is healed again)

Healing healing


Where: De Rijp ( Netherlands )

When: August 19th

Price: € 125, – for a day (including lunch)


ATTENTION: Pre-training required, at least the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Basic Healer Class.