Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Upgrade

‘Do not pray for an easy and simple life, but pray you will be a stronger person so you can cope with life’

‘Do not pray for tasks equal to your strengths, but pray for strengths equal to your tasks’.

Senia Melchizedek


This is the Mahatma Avatar of synthesis Master Healer Upgrade.

This training is only for the energy workers who followed the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Class training with Senia Melchizedek.

In this beautiful Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer UPGRADE, you will receive new tools to work with, which have a lot more depth than the one you have received at the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Class.

In total there are 2 Upgrade levels, which each lasting 3 days. In these 3 days you will learn and practice new techniques.

Mahatma Avatar Upgrade level 1 brings an expansion of your tools, which means you will learn a great deal of new healing techniques. This way you help yourself and others towards a deeper level of healing (on Emotional, Mental, Spiritual en Physical level).

Your spiritual growth will deepen, the state of awakening will draw near and much more!

Mahatma Avatar Upgrade level 2 is an expansion to level 1, which will take you even further in your process. Your abilities and facilitating of energy will be enhanced at least 100 times by increasing the Volume settings.
Next to this, level 2 is The Melchizedek level. This means you will be initiated towards High Priest in the Order of Melchizedek (this is the order of Senia Melchizedek). This goes way beyond the basic initiation. After this initiation, you will be capable to give Senia Melchizedek Ray initiation.

Your frequency will be brought up higher, which will enable you to vibrate faster and better with the New Time Energy of Now. You will also receive new ascension techniques, which you can practice and help you even more with your own process and much more!

Both Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Upgrade levels are a true Must! Just as the Mahatma Avatar Master Healer Class, this is really as good as it gets when it comes to energy work and if you want to develop as a Hardcore Energy worker!
The Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer Class and UPGRADE levels, will prepare you in becoming complete and expand your consciousness to a Multi Dimensional consciousness. And this will turn you into a true Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Healer facilitator

The question to you is:

Mahatma Avatar Upgrade Level 1

Avatar Upgrade Level 1 - LotusJoy

Some of the contents of the training:

  • Clearing.
    (cleaning up your energetic and physical body through a clearing team)
  • Personal clearing team activation.
    (You will learn to cooperate with this clearing team for yourself as well as for)
  • Learn to do Channeling.
  • Channeling your own I Am.
  • Increase volume setting.
    (You will learn to facilitate your energy higher than before)
  • Surgical healing.
    (Working with your esoteric hand and perform esoteric operations)
  • Perform energetic transplantations.
    (organs, muscles, limbs etc.)
  • Learn to give ranged healing to 2, 5, 8 or even 15 people at the same time.
  • DNA healing team activation.
    (You will receive a personal DNA healing team, which is also useable for others)
  • New techniques to work with the Senia Melchizedek ray/energy.
  • Descension of the Chakra’s
    (This will speed up the ascension process and goes further than compared to Avatar of Synthesis Master Class training).
  • New Esoteric teachings.
  • The art of Sneaking/Stalking.
    (Sneak up on your own patterns and see how your Ego works and more).
  • Expansion of the Healing Light Team.
    (Working with healing light beings).
  • Ascension activations.
    (This will bring you further into your own ascension process).
  • Working with the Wide Ray
  • Bring back Magical Powers from former lives from the secret chamber of Akascha.
  • Energetic Dragon activation.

Bring notebook for the necessary notes

This training will take 3 days

Mahatma Avatar Upgrade Level 2

Avatar Upgrade Level 2 - LotusJoy

Level 2 is also the Senia Melchizedek level.

Training content:

  • Increased Volume setting.
    (you will learn to facilitate your energy even higher than in Upgrade level 1)
  • Independently give the Senia Melchizedek initiation to others.
    (for this you will receive a special initiation as Priest of the Order of Senia Melchizedek which will strengthen the energy flow).
  • Channeling
  • Working with Tachyon energy.
    (The Zero point energy. You will learn to make Tachyon antennas. This way you can upload different things like necklaces, bottles, yourself or something else with the Tachyon energy en above this you will learn to make Tachyon essence, which is super powerful).
  • Activate angel stones.
    (you will learn how to connect a stone to an Archanel ray. It’s nice to give someone a stone pendant as a gift which has an Archangel connected to it, which will give protection and life guidance).
  • Complete Kundalini activation on 3 different levels.
  • Aura enhancement
  • Etherical Crystal activation.
    (Learn to work with etherical crystals. These are 300 times stronger than earthen crystals)
  • Descension of the Chakra’s.
    (This will speed up the ascension process and goes beyond level 1)
  • Other new techniques to work with the Senia Melchizedek ray/energy.
  • New Esoteric teachings.
    (Deepening of Upgrade level 1)
  • The art of sneaking/stalking.
    (deepening of Upgrade level 1)
  • Ascension activation.
    (this will bring you further into your own ascion process, and goes deeper than Upgrade level 1 )
  • Working with the powerful energy of Acrhangel Metatron and Archangel Michael together.
    (this is the most powerful energy of the Archangel realm. Through a special activation, you will gain access to this powerful energy. With this energy you can cure heavy diseases, which in ordinary terms are incurable, because nothing is impossible for the Archangel Metatron and Archangel Michael. You can also use this energy to ward of energetic attacks from others, like black magic )
  • Learn to give yourself and others ascension activations.
    (This is literally the control of total Mastership)

Bring a notebook for the necessary notes.

This training will be given in full 3 days

Founder of this training system is Senia Melchizedek. Every other training resembling the ones from Lotusjoy and are copied, are not recognized or supported by us.