Mahatma Avatar of synthesis Basic Teacher Class

Avatar van synthese basic master teacher class - Lotusjoy

In this 4-day training, you will be trained to Teacher in giving the 3-day Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Basic Healer Class. During this training, you will learn the necessary Esthetical basic teachings to pass on to your students and receive the necessary empowerment initiations that will enable to independently pass on the initiations/activations on Teacher level. What this means is your system will be “upgraded” to a higher level.

This training is a huge step towards Mastership, where you walk the path of your own Master path and share your knowledge with your students and help them on their way to their Master path. The approach needs to be with integrity, kindness, but also consistent and helpful towards the student, without Ego, domination or worshipping, as you see with so called Guru’s. In the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Basic Teacher Class training, we will address the theme of Mastership and God realization on Esoteric level, so you can truly understand what this means.

The word Avatar comes from Sanskrit, and literally means Incarnation of God and shows a being on the end of its incarnations and has achieved perfection. It has knowledge and of the Divine Laws and he/she has mastered all aspects of human existence. When he/she incarnates, it is always with the purpose to fulfill a cosmic assignment and lead humanity on the path of spiritual evolution.

Contents of the Mahatma Avatar Basic Master Teacher Class training:

  • Unity Divine Power meditation (this is a daily meditation just for yourself to centre your strength;
  • You will learn the necessary initiations/activations needed for the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Basic Healer Class;
  • Go through aspects of human existence;
  • What true Mastership & awakening really is;
  • Path of Ascension and what this really means;
  • First Awakening and then Enlightenment;
  • The “Channeling” of your Higer self on Teacher level;
  • Learn to teach Angel activations (Angel Light Facilitator);
  • Look into and process inner pain pieces;
  • Preparation in giving Ascension activations;
  • Upgrade your Teacher capability through receiving different Master¬† Teachers capabilities by Senia Melchizedek.
  • Etc.

In this 4-day Avatar of Synthesis Basic Teacher Class, you will also learn the necessary information in how to independently teach the 1-day Angel Light Facilitator training to others. You will work with the highest Angel energy and will learn to pass on these activations. This wonderful training is being taught by Senia Melchizedek, who has been working, since the dawn of time, with (among others), Archangel Michael.

You will need prior training to be able to teach this Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Basic Master Teacher Class. These are: The Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Master Class and the two Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Upgrades following.

After these 3 different Mahatma Avatar classes, you will be qualified for the Teacher course. During these three training sessions we will pay attention to your qualities and whether those are sufficient to be able to attend the Teacher course. The reason why we do this is that experience has shown us that not everyone possesses the right qualities to become a Teacher, even though how much they would like to. The process of becoming a teacher is related to your incarnation as human in this round of the Creation. It is possible that your tasks and qualities are not in the Teaching part but in a different form. Of course we are also willing to guide you in this but that is separated from this Mahatma Avatar Teacher training.

After this Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Basic Master Teacher Class training there will be Mahatma Avatar Teachers Upgrade training two times each year. Here you can continue developing your paranormal capabilities and broaden your ascension work. By which you will be able to understand better which different levels of ascension exist and how to make those your own. Nevertheless you will work on your personal process. Working on your personal process is very intense because one will look inside themselves to be able to achieve full mastery. One can use this knowledge and tools as a teacher for other trainings by which one strengthens themselves.

Only teacher will get to see the necessary content of the Mahatma Avatar Teacher Upgrade.

Note: after attending the Mahatma Avatar of Synthesis Basic Master Teacher class training one is obliged to attend at least once a year the Mahatma Avatar Teachers Upgrade at Lotusjoy Esoteric School for Consciousness and Self-realization

Including workbook.