Walking with Divine Classes

Walking with Divine Classes - Lotusjoy

Senia Melchizedek invites you and the Divine to go into the depth during these Divine classes. During the meeting there will be given several satsangs and meditations by Senia Melchizedek. You will be given the opportunity to ask several life questions which bother you. The only important things is that it is related to your own self and related to the other neighbor. Also subjects like the father, mother, the ancestor line will be looked at and talked about. This will provide you with insight into situations in your life. All of this will take place with the presence of the Divine & the Divine Blessing.

A Satsang is a reunion where everyone gathers in truth and where you can ask personal question about your personal processes related to daily life to Senia Melchizedek. These questions will be answered from pure consciousness, Senia will transfer lots of personal information which is only meant for you. All of this through mediumistic and psychic gifts.

Isights will be given through various Divine meditations. You will go through different consciousness layers with surrendering. You will be brought to the answers and to the truth of question that you have by guidance of Senia Melchizedek. We will go past the illusion or the sense or thoughts to be able to gain more insight into which extent you create your own reality. Bit by bit all the veils of everyday will disappear.

These Walking With Divine Classes will provide you with a deeper insight on life and where you are at the moment. It will teach you how you can look at situation and at the world. We often are blind to see the way out and out spiritual growth is stuck, by which we think we cannot continue.

Senia Melchizedek will get rid of all your veils bit by bit, together with the Divine. This will provide you will the needed insights and will show you that the Divine is not separated from you. Miracles and awakening will be made possible again and you will be able to heal our inner heart and heal the daily illusion of fear and insecurity.

Senia Melchizedek: Mankind lives in hastiness and the inner dialogue is too busy. This causes an identification with their thoughts, body or with that what is happening in their life. This all is nothing more than an illusion. Once awake from this illusion it will all be clearer and nothing has to understood anymore. Clear perception is enough. The Ego always tries to separate the ‘To Be’, while the Higher Self experiences healing and unity.