Inner Mastery Intensive

Inner Mastery Intensive - Lotusjoy

This is a 4 day intensive training in which one will develop their inner capabilities of Clear vision, Clear feeling & Clear knowing.

Manu people think that Clear vision is something on its own. Nothing is further from the truth, because Clear vision is accompanied by Clear Feeling, Clear Knowing and intuition. One develops a sensibility during this training which enables one to enter the energetic world. One can see/feel/know images and learns how to interpret them etc.

During this training we will use different kinds of techniques to strengthen your capabilities. You shall receive tools to obtain psychic information. It is important to know that everyone has paranormal capabilities, one only needs to develop them.

During the training days we will work in pairs and will swap during the day. This is important to be able understand the material and internalize it. We shall use diverse tools during the training.

What is the advantage of this Inner Mastery Intensive?

You learn how to:

  • obtain information from a person or an animal. This can be about a person who is alive or about deceased animal or person.
  • see the past, present & future. This is a quality to see things or perceive things (or knowing or feeling) before they take place. They energies that float in the atmosphere are visable for the eyes of a person. The energy that floats in the air now is being made into images that tell something about the future, the past and also about the present.
  • see images through objects (psychometrics) is perceive and interpret the energy that comes with, for example, a photograph. By perceiving images through object such as photo’s and other personal belongings, one receives the energy that is in the object and that energy belongs to the owner of the object.
  • Different kinds of energy can be attached to a certain object. It is as if the emotions and appearance of the owner are glued to it. This is perceived by one and images will be formed. The receiving of images through an energy will take place automatically. For example, you can go visit old powerful places and touch some of the rocks or other powerful objects to see and feel what happened in the past. All of this very valuable.
  • see inside of the human body and determine ailments of organs. This is a helpful way when one deals with healing work, as in the Shamanism.
  • see objects or situations from a distance. This is also known as remote viewing. These techniques are applied by trained spying networks. They have developed their Gifts to gain acces to secret documentation of other organizations etc.
  • And much more..

After this training you will be more sensitive and have more intuition. Your capabilities will be expanded to the max. You will be able to apply this in daily live at situations like choices etc.

This is a 4 days lasting training in which we will work intensively on the development of your paranormal capabilities and the Clear vision. This is true Must for those who want to develop their inner paranormal powers to mastery.

Senia Melchizedek shares his knowledge and teaching which he gained in 30 years of teaching.

This training is accessible for everyone, regardless the level.

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