The Path of Inner Mastery

The Path of Inner Mastery - LotusjoyThe path of inner mastery

Awaking of you inner capabilities
To be with love entirely
To live your life entirely authentic.

This training consists of 5 months in which you will practice work and theory every month one weekend (2days). This will be accompanied by the teachings. These are 2 intensive learning days each month in which you will undertake many exercises to awaken your inner capabilities.

This path of inner Mastery is literally the rediscovery of the capabilities which you possess, in other words you paranormal capabilities. First you will learn the basic teachings. From there you deepen the paranormal matter and rediscover yourself. This both theory and practice. This training is for beginners and advanced. Experience shows that even those who have active in energy healing work like Reiki do not have a base on developing their own paranormal capabilities.

You will receive access to the Golden Chamber of Melchizedek. You are able to connect with the camber on a daily basis through meditation. You will undertake a paranormal training program with a very intense intuition training. You will be guided by Senia Melchizeded, who has lots of experience with this kind of work.

The focus in this training is on personal healing. By this approach you will receive knowledge and insight on the emotional, mental, spiritual and physic bodies. This approach enables you to see and experience your inner barriers. This will provide you with self-understanding

The more barriers are cleaned up, the more energy can be released for the development of you inner capabilities such as psychism etc.

Training content: ( short overview )

  • exploring the 5 senses
  • what is the 6th sense?
  • other senses
  • observing with the inner eye
  • personal Healings capabilities
  • how to interpret barriers/ diseases
  • consciousness of the consciousness
  • why working on your personal progress is so important
  • meditations on the Golden Chamber of Melchizedek..
  • teachings: what is the energy field?
  • teachings: why spiritual growth, true awakening & ascension is not possible yet
  • teachings: the myths on awakening which is names Mind awakenig and what true
  • awakening really is
  • teachings on Emotional, Mental, Spiritual & Physic bodies
  • teachings on what barriers and on their effect
  • teaching on why one should not be dependent on energy sources other than their own  .
  • learning Mantras
  • etc.


This 5 month lasting training is a true ‘must’ for those who wish to get to know themselves better. In this training you will get a understanding of who you truly are and what your personal barriers are and most importantly what they do to you. You will create sources of strength in yourself, for example your inner healing power, hereby is not meant Reiki or any other healing method, but literally you own healing power. Also until the level of telepathy, psychism and special meditation techniques etc.

It is not possible to pass this course onto other because you will need years of experience to be able to do this. Senia Melchizedek who has experience of 30 years, shares his knowledge and teachings with a class.

It is NOT possible to only attend 1 or 2 class periods.

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